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Serving Neston and surrounding areas since 1985. High quality fresh milk and dairy produce delivered up to four times a week. Get in touch and start getting your milk delivered to your doorstep today.

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When We Deliver

We start in the very early hours and our last deliveries are out by 7:00am, ensuring everyone gets their milk for breakfast...

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Where We Deliver

We deliver in and around Neston, the main areas covered are; Parkgate, Neston, Little Neston, Ness, Burton, Puddington, Willaston, Eastham and Little Sutton.

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How We Deliver

We are in the process of upgrading our fleet of milkfloats to fully electric vans. This means quieter deliveries for you, plus it's better for the environment.

We're proud to announce...

We're proud to say that we've won an award for the title of: Best Dairy Delivery Company - West Cheshire in the 2017 North West Enterprise Awards, hosted by SME News.

This is a reflection of our hard work to maintain the business over the last 30 years of its operation. We're proud to display this award and we'll keep working hard in the future to improve our products and service to you our loyal customers.

North West award for best dairy in West cheshire

ams dairy go green campaign

Go Green. Go Glass.

Go Green Go Glass is our newest campaign, highlighting the importance of reducing our impact on the planet by reducing our plastic consumption. Increasingly seen on the news are articles highlighting how our over-reliance on plastics is damaging to the environment and our health.

Here at amsdairy we believe in reducing our impact on the environment and that is why we are pushing for people to get their milk delivered in traditional glass bottles. Unlike plastic bottles, glass bottles are re-used many times and when they are damaged are 100% recyclable. Make a small change today and get your milk delivered in glass bottles from amsdairy!

Milk, it's what we do.

Milk is in our veins, it's in our name. We've been delivering milk now for over 30 years and our range has only grown over that time. Providing glass pints, poly litres, poly two litres, poly pints, kids cartons and organic amongst others all available in Whole, Semi-Skimmed or Skimmed variants.

Organic Daioni Milk
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About us

We established Andrews Milk Supplies (later on shortened to amsdairy) in January of 1985. Alongside family, we employ four local roundsman. All of us live in either Little Neston, Neston or Pensby. Our milk is supplied to us from Tomlinson's dairy located at Pen-y-Palmant Farm in Minerva, North Wales just outside of Wrexham. Tomlinson's dairy is Red Tractor Approved, so you can rest assured that your milk comes from a certified farm.

Our suppliers

We source our produce from a wide range of local suppliers. Our milk and cream comes to us from Tomlinsons Dairies, a family run business based in Wales. We get our bread from the household name Roberts Bakery, while our yoghurts come from Llaeth Y Llan and Daffodil foods, both of whom are based out of Wales. Meanwhile our welsh cakes are sourced from Popty Bakery, a traditional family bakery based in Wales.

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More than just milk.

We do more than just milk, our wide product range includes creamy yoghurts from Llaeth Y Llan, soft and fluffy breads from Roberts Bakery among many others. We're proud to say that all our produce is sourced locally.

AMS Dairy Products

Fair Milk

We have a strong commitment to the UK Dairy Industry and UK Dairy Farmers. Our passion for this industry left us feeling compelled to release a leaflet, outlining the unfair prices that the farmers are paid for their milk. By getting your milk and dairy produce from us, you can rest assured that you are supporting farmers across the UK. Read below to learn more.


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336 6508

If you already have milk delivered, please take this as a 'thank you' for your support and pass this leaflet on...

Here at ams, we live in the real world and realise that the price of supermarket milk is ridiculously cheap at the moment - but do you realise the damage that this sustained pricing will have on local delivery firms like ourselves and farmers alike? The penalty for supermarkets providing 'cheap milk' is that the farmers are now not even being paid for the cost of production, leaving the farmer no option but to sell the milk for whatever he can, as the cow's can't halt their milk production on demand! Every day more farmers cease to trade... eventually where will the milk come from, what quality will it be and at what price?

We are your local milk delivery business based in Neston and have been operation now for over 30 years, employing 5 local people who live in Little Neston, Neston and Pensby. We deliver to; Parkgate, Neston, Little Neston, Ness, Burton, Puddington, Willaston, Eastham & Little Sutton - starting in the very early hours of the morning with our last deliveries on the doorstep by 7:00am.


Whenever you buy a pint of milk from ams, you can be assured that the farmer is receiving a truly fair price. We only deal with Tomlinson's dairy and if you visit their website you'll see what their farmers have to say about them:

As dairy farmers are now under pressure, Tomlinson's Dairy and in return 'ams dairy' guarantee to pay the farmers a fair price for every pint of milk they sell. Paying a fair price means that these family businesses, like ours, are able to keep going, invest in the future and spend more time and money looking after their animals to ensure that they produce great quality welsh milk.

To start deliveries call us on: 336 6508 or email me:

For more information on what we sell visit:

Don't leave it to others, even using us in conjunction with the supermarkets will help us and the farmers.

Andy Challoner